Baby Steps

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and he has officially deemed to be “stable.” The lithium orotate was exactly what I needed to smooth out my moods. He and I are satisfied enough with the results that I have received his blessing to start tapering off the Latuda so that we can prepare for pregnancy. There isn’t a lot known about the lithium orotate and pregnancy but his opinion is that I shouldn’t be taking it during pregnancy because even though it is a supplement it still contains elemental lithium. Before he sends me to see a maternal fetal specialist he is going to have a panel done to see if the lithium orotate is showing up in my blood. He said if my lithium levels were about 0.2 then we know that it probably isn’t safe to take. He also explained that in Europe, lithium doesn’t have the same taboo during pregnancy than it does here in the US. I’m really hoping that I can continue to take this so that I remain stable. My mood disturbances take a heavy toll on our family life and I’d rather not add that on top of a pregnancy. My personal hunch is that since I had a happy first pregnancy that I’ll have a second happy pregnancy, but I am also a pragmatist and know fully well that circumstances have changed since my first go around. Nevertheless, I am happy that we are now on our way to making a second child a reality.


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