You’re a Toddler Now

Baby Boy you just turned a year and half. You are so much more than I ever expected. You are an amazing little boy. You have a personality all your own. You can be difficult in your moments of frustration and misunderstanding but you really are such a sweet child. This morning we learned that you definitely out of the lap baby stage. You have gotten so big it is uncomfortable for you to be held. But you still love it. However, we’ve reached that point where it just makes more sense for you to walk for yourself. You still hold onto the vestiges of your babyhood, though. You understand that you can’t have the pacifier at daycare but you still cling to it at home. You can drink out of a sippy cup but refuse to have your milk in anything other than a bottle. And then of course there is Elvis the elephant you drag around. All these little hallmarks of you.

You have started to show us more about who you are. Despite the mess and chaos you create around you, you have an affinity for order and tidiness. You know the doors and drawers are to be closed and you go behind me closing them when I leave them open. You even do this for your wipes. Yesterday  you wanted to help sweep. It’s much to large for you to handle, but you had your own thing going and I could tell you knew what it was supposed to do, that you just had to get bigger to do it. You also want to participate in clean up. You like it when I give you a baby wipe so you can wipe off your food tray when you’re done eating. I don’t know where you got this neat freak streak but I’ll take it.

I so long to hold you and rock you like a little baby. Sometimes you let me. I’m still your number one but you have started to look to your father. You want to hang out with him and for him to roughhouse with you. You love the thrill of being twirled around in the air and then falling onto the couch or the bed. You’re so much tougher than me and you’re still so young.

You come by your willfulness honestly. Your parents are both oldest children too and we understand you have these powerful baby ‘motions. You get so frustrated and you can’t express yourself with words yet so you express your anger with little tantrums. We hope you grow out of this, but also recognize ourselves in you and acknowledge this may be a part of you too.

I love you so much. You’ve been told your whole existence how cute and handsome you are and have been showered with nothing but love. You have yet to ever meet a stranger because you can pull anyone out of their shell with your charm. I see how much you love playing with your friends at daycare and how you have a place of belonging there with the children. You certainly light up any place you go.

As we navigate through toddlerhood know I will always love you. I miss your little baby self but I am also enjoying watching you grow and getting to know the person you are becoming. You are teaching me about life and what really matters. It is because of you that I am becoming a better person. You’re just such a wonderful little spirit.